Our Story

Pin It Overwhelmed is the word that comes to mind as I recall the day we received the news.  I remember sitting in the doctor's office as he explained the results of our daughter's allergy testing.  "Gluten is a problem for this child."  "You'll have to cut dairy from her diet."  "No more eggs."  Those were the big three foods of concern but they were accompanied by a long list of 26 other offensive foods including such things as tomatoes, almonds, citrus fruits and beans.  Apparently, our daughter had developed a leaky gut and was reacting to just about anything she ate.

Now what, I wondered?  I had wanted a definitive answer to this food allergy question.  Now I had it! But it was much more extensive than I had prepared myself for.  As we drove home from that appointment, my husband turned his head to me and asked, "what are we going to have for dinner?"  I had planned on pizza!  "Can't we just serve the pizza and figure it out tomorrow", I asked.  After all, we didn't know yesterday so what's the difference if we feed these foods to her one more day?  My husband, ever the wise leader of our family, said to me, "Can you really in good conscience feed these foods to her?"  Of course the answer was no, and thus began our adventure into allergy-friendly cooking.

I am pleased to report that at this point, nearly two and a half years later, our daughter is able to eat most of those other 26 foods.  But for now, we must still avoid those big three: gluten, dairy and eggs.  So the recipes you will find here will all be free of those "big three".