Monday, January 30, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - Jan 30, 2012

Pin It Wow - apparently lots of folk are interested in gf/df/ef sourdough, 'cause I got a lot of emails about that!  I don't have much to share yet as far as a recipe goes, but it does appear that my sourdough starter is working!  And I did use the starter to make a loaf of bread.  The bread turned out edible - but not great.  I'm hoping that as the starter ages, that wonderful sourdough flavor will become stronger in the bread, 'cause this one didn't taste much like sourdough.  I'll keep working on it!  Anyone have any helpful tips to share, let me know!

Here's our dinner menu for the upcoming week:

MONDAY - My daughter's nutritionist gave us the go-ahead to try introducing some goat cheese.  So far, so good.  So I'm going to try a new recipe tonight.  I'm sorry this one won't be helpful to readers not able to tolerate goat cheese.  This recipe for Goat Cheese and Olive Stuffed Chicken Breasts is found at  I'll still have to substitute GF breadcrumbs and skip the egg, but it should be a yummy one.

TUESDAY - Chicken Pot Pie.  I found not one, but two, chicken pot pies in my freezer.  I apparently made these a few months back and forgot about them.  I've forgotten so thoroughly that I have no idea what recipe I used to make them (scary!).  I do know I used my gluten, dairy and egg-free pie crust recipe.

WEDNESDAY - Pulled Chicken in the Crockpot served with Rice.  I know there are tons of recipes out there for homemade barbecue sauce and I bet they're awesome, and definately healthyier for you.  But for this dish, I make it easy on myself by opening a bottle of store-bought bbq sauce.  From my understanding, Kraft is very good about listing allergens so even though the ingredients list "modified food starch", I believe it's a non-gluten source since they don't specify wheat.  Also, I've read that Sweet Baby Ray's doesn't contain added gluten (as in, there's always the chance of cross contamination, but they don't put gluten/wheat in the sauce on purpose).  You gotta check labels, and often you gotta contact the company to really get an answer (and even then, you might not be sure)! 

THURSDAY - Gina Chicken over Rice (my old favorite standby!)

FRIDAY - Pulled Chicken Planned-Overs (ya know, left overs that don't happen by accident - I planned for them)
My littlest one cutting ham with her
child-safe knife.

SATURDAY - Fried Potatoes with Ham and Corn.  My grocery store had Hatfield Ham Steaks on sale last week, so I bought a few.  I know they have nitrites and other bad stuff in them, but as far as the allergens, I believe they're okay.  (Always check labels for yourself!)  They make a great quick breakfast or dinner so I usually buy a few when they're on sale.  For our family, its really a balancing act between eating healthy, protecting the budget, and keeping mom sane.  This is one of those "keep mom sane" ideas - saving me some time in the kitchen.

SUNDAY - Salad Dressing Chicken and Rice.  Just put a few boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a baking dish.  Pour Italian salad dressing over them and bake for about 30 minutes, or until chicken is done.  Fast.  Easy.  Yummy.  (Make sure to check labels on salad dressing as many of them have gluten or dairy.)

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