Monday, November 5, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Nov 5, 2012

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As part of my meal plan this week, I have a recipe highlight and a story to share.  My husband grew up on a dairy farm in Maryland and has fond childhood memories of chicken corn soup suppers.  The tradition started when his family would have lots of help from extended family and friends to bring in the corn crop at harvest time.  On that day, the women would prepare a huge pot of chicken corn soup, cooked in iron kettles over an open fire, and everyone would eat till they were warm and full.  Although his family no longer operates the farm, the family has maintained the chicken corn soup supper and we'll be taking part this coming weekend.  The actual soup they make contains lots of milk, cream and gluten-filled dough balls, so I will be making a dairy and gluten-free version to take along.  Who says you can't be part of the party when you have food allergies?  It just takes some creativity and preparation.  So here's a peek at our plan for the week.

MONDAY - Chicken Corn Soup - This recipe can be made as Cream of Potato soup or can be magically transformed into chicken corn soup by adding corn and chicken (hold the bacon).  I'll make extra to bring along on our trip this weekend.

TUESDAY - Oven Baked Chicken Cacciatore - A quick and easy, satisfying dish.

WEDNESDAY - Pizza - My kids have been asking for pizza for weeks now!  Guess I'll put it on the plan.

THURSDAY - Gina Chicken over Rice - I'll be making this with broccoli instead of mushrooms and peppers.

FRIDAY - Crockpot Beef Stroganoff - I bought extra stew meat so I can make a double batch, as I'm hoping to beef up my freezer meals.  (Get it? Beef up.)

SATURDAY - We'll be in Maryland enjoying Chicken Corn Soup

SUNDAY - Skillet Fiesta - I have a batch in the freezer which I'll bring on our trip.

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  1. Love the sound of Chicken Corn Soup, but the Cream of Potato with bacon sounds really good, too!

  2. That Gina chicken sounds really yummy! I bookmarked the recipe :)

  3. Visiting from Menu Plan Monday. I love the idea of adapting recipes to make them into something that is comforting to us. Will have to look into what I can do with that kind of recipe. Thank you for the idea!

  4. I'm thinking there's no need to hold the bacon for the chicken corn soup.


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