Monday, January 16, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Jan 16, 2012

Pin It As usual, we've got a few evenings filled with scheduled activities, so I've planned ahead to with some make-aheads and planned-overs (that's what I call left-overs that I've purposely planned for - catchy, huh.)  Anyway, here's our grand meal plan for the week.

MONDAY - Stuffed Peppers without the peppers - My family likes this simple mixture of ground beef, quinoa or brown rice and some flavors, but they don't prefer the semi-mushy cooked pepper so I just serve the filling with crunchy, sliced bell peppers on the side.  This one is coming from the freezer since I made a double batch last time.

TUESDAY - Macaroni and Cheese.  I've got a pretty good recipe for gluten, dairy and egg-free macaroni and cheese here but I'm going to try adapting this recipe I found on Organized Home.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

WEDNESDAY - Sonora Enchiladas 

THURSDAY - Chicken and Rice with Gravy and Peas on the side.   I might even grab some cranberry sauce and pretend its Thanksgiving.

FRIDAY - Planned-overs of Sonora Enchiladas.  This recipe makes enough for two meals for my family, and everyone likes it.
SATURDAY - Gluten, Dairy and Egg-Free Pizza 

SUNDAY - Hamburgers (Hoping my hubby will make these for us!  We'll do these on the stove since it's 17 degrees out this morning.)  We'll cook up some mushrooms and onions to top these and maybe some oven fries.  My daughter with either eat hers between two pieces of GF bread, or just eat it plain with a knife and fork.

Have a great week being creative with allergy-friendly cooking!

For more ideas, please check out The Organizing Junkie's Meal Plan Monday and Celiac Family's Gluten Free Menu Roundup.


  1. Stopping by from MPM. Your menu looks awesome given that it's allergy-free. I am with your family on not loving the mushy peppers - I may try it that way, too.

  2. I'm trying the stuffed peppers, too! Paige - I'm stalking your blog now for good organic recipe ideas! We're not an allergy-free household, but I love adapting things and making them my own, too. You're my hero.


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