Monday, February 20, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Feb 20, 2012

Pin It We've safely returned home from our trip to NH and I'm ready to start a fresh new week, complete with a menu plan.  But the first thing I'll need to do today is go grocery shopping 'cause we ain't got nothin' to eat in the house!  That's what happens when you go away for a week.  Oh well - here's the plan.

MONDAY - We'll be eating pizza tonight at a friend's birthday party.  Fortunately, I have a gluten, dairy and egg-free pizza in the freezer ready to pop in the oven.  Because the cupcakes that will be served at the party will not be allergy-friendly, I'll be baking cupcakes today so my daughter can join in on the cupcake fun.  I'll probably be using my favorite vanilla cupcake recipe found at The Gluten Free Goddess.  However, if time allows today, I'm feeling the inspiration to try creating a new cupcake recipe.  I'll let you know if I create anything blogworthy.

TUESDAY - Ham, Fried Potatoes and Corn

WEDNESDAY - Sonora Enchiladas

THURSDAY - Pork Tenderloin in the Crock Pot with Oven Roasted Potatoes and Salad

FRIDAY - Planned-Over Sonora Enchiladas  (My daughter has dance class on Friday evenings, so left-overs really help our evening work.)

SATURDAY - Italian Sausage Rice Bowl (I'll be posting this fast, easy and yummy recipe later this week.  Did that!)

SUNDAY - Homemade Hamburger Helper

For more menu ideas, check out Organizing Junkie and Celiacs In The House


  1. We've had a lot of birthday parties to attend lately. I keep a batch of cupcakes in the freezer, so I can just pull them out before the party to defrost. I know that cake is a given at birthday parties, but when did pizza become standard, too? I get tired of having to provide both at every party we attend. My kids usually just settle for a small snack, like GF pretzels instead.

  2. Heather - I hear ya! Takes some of the fun out of parties when you have to supply all the food for your child(ren) - but at least we can provide good options, huh! Glad to know cupcakes do well out of the freezer - I've been afraid to try that - didn't know if they'd still be good after being frozen. That'll make my life a little easier! - Paige

    1. Paige - Just thought I'd let you know what works for me: I freeze the cupcakes with frosting on them - just long enough for the frosting to harden. Then I wrap them tightly with plastic wrap and throw them all into a Ziploc bag and put them in the freezer. When ready to defrost, be sure to remove the plastic wrap while it's still frozen, so you don't remove all the frosting with the plastic. Or, you can always freeze them without the frosting, and add it on the day of the event.

    2. Heather - Individually wrapping them - genius! That's what I was missing! Thanks!


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