Monday, April 2, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - April 2, 2012

Pin It It's Easter Week!  Easter is such a special holiday for the Christian as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus!  As a side note unrelated to food, I'd like to share two helpful links about celebrating Easter with children.  The first is Celebrating Easter with Kids.  In that post they mention store bought resurrection eggs, but we have a homemade version which is described here.  We will be celebrating by enjoying a big breakfast at church Sunday morning followed by an afternoon meal with friends.  I'll be bringing muffins to the church breakfast.  I'm sorry to say I don't have any especially helpful Easter recipes to share this year.  I'll be preparing some kind of dairy-free potatoes au-gratin dish but I haven't figured out the recipe yet.  I'll be sure to share it if I come up with something great.  In the mean time, I'll share our meal plan for the week.

Oh, by the way, I finally added a "Recipe Index" page so you (and I) can find recipes much more easily.  Hope it'll be helpful!

MONDAY - Paula Deen's Swiss Steak - I made a crockpot version of this a few weeks ago and found it to be very good so I think it'll show up more frequently on my meal plans.

TUESDAY - Seasoned Ground Beef and Rice - aka Stuffed Peppers without the peppers

WEDNESDAY - Quinoa Indian Chicken - This is a new favorite recipe (thanks, Heather)!  I love that it has so much flavor!  The only drawback is that my kitchen still smells like curry the next day, but I can live with that.

THURSDAY - Pulled Chicken and Rice

FRIDAY - Crockpot Beef Stroganoff  Really giving my crockpot a workout this week.

SATURDAY - Hamburgers

EASTER SUNDAY - Since we'll be eating at a friend's house, I'm not sure of the full menu, but I know we'll at least be having ham, sweet potato casserole and some kind of dairy-free potatoes au gratin dish plus whatever else everyone brings.  Should be a wonderful day!

For more ideas, check out Gluten Free Menu Swap and Menu Plan Monday.


  1. Sounds like a tasty week at your house. Thanks for the great Easter links!

  2. Just found your blog through my husband who works with your husband! I also cook gluten free often :) Excited to share ideas...

    1. Cait - So cool to "meet" you! Your blog is beautiful! I would definately like to learn a few things from you!


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