Monday, April 30, 2012

Meal Plan Monday, April 30, 2012

Pin It New week, new menu plan.  And as always, all these dinners are completely free of gluten, dairy and eggs.  We have a pretty normal week with a few evenings taken up with baseball, dance and FaithGirls.  This is why menu planning helps me so much!  If I didn't plan ahead for dinner, these evening activities would land us at Chick-fil-A a bit too often. 

Also, last week's meal plan included several new recipes so I wanted to give some feedback.  Our favorite new one was the Ground Beef Goulash.  We'll definately make that again.  Plus, it turned out good even when I left out the soy sauce (we were serving it to a friend who can't tolerate soy).  I recommend trying that recipe.
Here's this week's plan . . .

MONDAY - Mini-Meatloaves and Oven Fried Potatoes.  This is a new recipe I recently tried and it received rave reviews from the family.  I'll be sharing it soon!

TUESDAY - Seasoned Ground Beef and Rice  

WEDNESDAY - Pork Tenderloin and Potatoes in the Crockpot

THURSDAY - Gina Chicken over Rice.  We've really been enjoying the new broccoli cashew version of this old favorite!

FRIDAY - Feels like a Pizza night!

SATURDAY - How 'bout Hamburgers on the Grill

SUNDAY - Salad Dressing Chicken and Rice

For more ideas, be sure to check Gluten Free Menu Swap and Menu Plan Monday.


  1. Ooh that Goulash does look tempting. My kids refuse to eat pasta of any kind, but my husband and I would certainly enjoy it. Thanks for sharing the feedback.

  2. Your menu sounds great! I am going to have to try the Gina chicken and the goulash. Have a great week! Thanks for joining in on the Swap!


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