Thursday, October 4, 2012

Clean Drinking Water: Part Two

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Note:  If you missed PART ONE, you can read it here.  

So, you've read up on water fluoridation and you aren't happy.  You'd like to get that stuff, along with the other harmful chemicals, out of your tap water.  What's the best way to go about that?

First off, I am not an expert on this subject.  But I have spent a good deal of time educating myself about it so I'll share what I've learned and maybe it will be helpful to you.

  • Boiling your tap water does not get fluoride out.  In fact, boiling will actually concentrate the fluoride.
  • Most carbon filters do not work.  Brita, Pur and other similar pitcher and faucet water filters remove chlorine and particles but do not remove fluoride
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters - According to wikipedia, a reverse osmosis filter is a membrane-technology filtration method that removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane.  Got that?  Me either.  But I do know that it's one of the most cost effective ways to get fluoride and other contaminants out of tap water.  Dr. Shames, a practitioner who focuses on thyroid issues, recommends reverse osmosis filters. 
  • Activated Alumina or Water Distillation Filtration - I really don't know much about these, but they are options to look into.
  • Under the Sink:  This is the choice we went with for our home.  It is much less expensive than a whole-house filter and it means that I'm not paying to filter the water in my washing machine or garden hose.  
  • Whole-House Filter:  While this is obviously a more expensive option, it gives the peace of mind that all the water in your house is pure.  Since fluoride and chlorine can be absorbed through the skin, a whole-house filter will insure that your shower/bath water doesn't have any of these in it.  I have a few friends who have whole-house filters and are very happy with them.  It is something I will probably consider in the future.

So you've settled on a reverse osmosis filter but you're not sure which company to purchase from.  How do you choose?  While I was shopping, I found the water filters - reverse osmosis guide very helpful.  Things to consider:  
  • Quality:  You don't want your water filtering system to fail, leaving huge puddles in your home.  You do want a quality filter, preferably one made in the USA and lab tested for quality assurance.
  • Maintenance and Filter Changes:  Just because you can get a good price on a filter doesn't mean its the least expensive option.  Be sure to look at the cost of replacement filters and note how often they need to be changed.   Also look for one that has industry standard size filters so that you aren't locked into purchasing replacement filters from only that one company.

My husband and I chose the RO-90 under the sink filter from APEC.  We couldn't be happier!  Their products are made in the USA and each individual unit (not just a sample of the model) is tested before being sent out so you know its going to work.  The unit met all the specifications I was looking for and it works great!  We tested our water before and after and found the filter made a huge difference in water quality.  Our plain tap water contaminant level measured 208 ppm.  The water coming through our old carbon filter measured 203 ppm (guess our carbon faucet filter wasn't helping much).  The water from the APEC filter measured 13 ppm.  Big difference!  And of course our water tastes so good - much better than without the filter! Even our ice cubes are clear, not cloudy/white like they used to be.  The water pressure is wonderful and my glass fills up quickly.  My husband did have to do a little installation work, but it only took him about an hour.


If you decide to purchase a water filter, please carefully research and make the best choice for your household.  There are lots of options out there.  I am not an expert, but I can say we are very happy with our APEC reverse osmosis filter.

Disclaimer:  I wrote this article because I feel strongly about this issue and want to share this important information with as many people as possible.  I am an affiliate of APEC Water Filter Systems because I believe they are one of the best options for removing fluoride and other harmful chemicals in tap water.  I will receive a small portion of any purchase of APEC water filters that is generated through links on this blog.

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