Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Cultures For Health Blog Giveaway

Pin It There has been so much interest in my recent article on water kefir that I thought I'd share some exciting news with my readers.  Cultures For Health, my source for water kefir grains, has just launched their new and improved blog.  The Cultures For Health Blog features recipes and information about cultured foods.  And to promote their improved site, they are hosting some exciting giveaways THIS WEEK ONLY!  Today's giveaway is for their milk kefir starter kit which may not be too helpful for many of us (ya know, dairy allergies and all).  But Thursday, May 2nd they'll be giving away five kombucha starter kits and on Saturday, May 4th, the giveaway is for a water kefir starter kit!  

So stop by their new blog and enter to win!  What a great way to get started on your own cultured beverage adventure!  And if any of my readers win a kit, please come back and share your good news with us!

-Happy Culturing!

I am an affiliate of Cultures for Health and will get a small percentage of any purchases made through those links.  Thank you!

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