Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

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Finally a "normal" week to plan for.  Here's what's cooking at our house:

MondayTaco Supper Skillet  I recently found this recipe, made necessary substitutions and found it was a hit with my family.  Check out the recipe link.  Then take a look at my substitutions:  I used gluten-free pasta and Daiya's vegan cheese alternative.  I left out the sour cream although we sometimes use Tofutti's dairy-free sour cream.  And I used my homemade version of taco seasoning instead of the packaged seasoning.
TuesdayMacaroni and Cheese (yup - gluten, dairy and egg-free!)
Wednesday:  I'll be taking two of my kids to Chick-fil-a.  They are a pretty allergy-friendly restaurant.  My daughter can order their Chargrilled Chicken Fillet minus the bun along with waffle fries and have a meal that's safe for her.  Bonus:  They even charge less when you order "just the fillet" instead of the Chargrilled Sandwich.  If you live near a Chick-fil-a, check out their on-line menu and allergen info.
ThursdayChicken Italiano
FridayMeatloaf and Roast Potatoes
SaturdayBuckwheat Pancakes  Because of a busy morning, we won't be able to have our usual Saturday breakfast, so we'll have pancakes for dinner!
Sunday:  leftovers

Homeschool Note:  On Wednesday, I'll only have my older two at dinner time as my husband will be taking our 3 year old out on a "Daddy Date".  You see, once a month we have "Daddy Day" which is a day when my husband comes home in the early afternoon to fulfill his role as principal in our homeschool.  He sets aside time with each child to look over their schoolwork from the previous month, give oral tests on history or science, quiz them on their math facts and such.  My husband came up with the idea just this year as a way to insure his involvement in what we are learning as well as to build in accountability, encouraging the kids to do their best.  The kids look forward to it, but it also builds a little positive pressure as they know they'll be called to the carpet if Daddy feels they haven't been giving school their full attention.  After the schoolwork has been reviewed, one child (they rotate) gets to go out for some one-on-one time with Daddy - usually dinner or dessert or a trip to the playground.  So far this has been a very helpful and fun tradition that we plan to continue.

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  1. Great to have you join us for the Gluten Free Menu Swap. We are Gf and dairy free also, and rotate eggs. Can't wait to check out the tasty things on your blog. Those pancakes look great - I love breakfast for dinner! :)

  2. We avoid all those things and a few more, including soy (so can't use most cheese alternatives). I want to try your buckwheat pancake recipe! I've had success with a few different pancake recipes, but I'm always looking for more:)


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