Monday, August 6, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - August 6, 2012

Pin It The extreme heat and humidity has returned!  I actually love the hot summer weather (as long as I can escape now and then to the air conditioning) but it definitely makes me cook differently.  You know, using the oven as little as possible, grilling more, and eating lighter, cooler foods.  We have even been known to eat ice cream for dinner on really hot evenings.  But of course I would never actually write down "ice cream" on my meal plan (gasp!) - those are just the spur of the moment fun times that kids love and remember.
On to the plan . . .

MONDAY - Fish Tacos

TUESDAY - Grilled Chicken Drumsticks and Broccoli Salad (recipe coming soon)

WEDNESDAY - Pasta Salad

THURSDAY - Family Pleasing Mini-Meatloaves with Sweet Potato French Fries (not exactly summertime food, but I miss meatloaf)

FRIDAY - Summertime Chicken Salad

SATURDAY - Gluten and Dairy-Free Pizza (its been a while since we had pizza!)

SUNDAY - hummm . . . maybe Spaghetti and Meatsauce

Look for more ideas at Menu Plan Monday and Gluten Free Menu Swap


  1. We love fish tacos since our days of living in San Diego. Have you ever made your own taco shells? Just fry the corn tortillas using forks or tongs to shape them. And they taste better then the boxed ones.
    Happy MPM.

  2. I am a big believer of "backwards dinner" (dessert first) so totally get the ice cream dinner idea! Yeah, you could justify it as a healthy meal. Chocolate has all those antioxidants ya know- LOL! I am making meatloaf this weekend also, even though it is hot (turkey loaf in the slow cooker). We have been craving it too. I will have to check out your version. Mini-loaves sound perfect! Thanks for sharing your yummy menu with us!


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